We get the most out of data and the best out of people.

How do we work?

The bottom line is quite simple: We build trust.
We use data to verify information that is residing in your organization and organize it for future use. To gain verified knowledge that is build up by you and your people. To weed out misinformation and to provide truth where it is needed. We provide data in a centralized repository to extract information you didn’t even know you had, and we build processes to extract information automatically based on models.

It is the job of analysts to extract information and knowledge from people and to verify that information to the data that resides in the organization. Data engineers then collect the data from the different sources and collect it in a centralized location, the data lake. From there on they can go on to clean the data, transform the data as per the information and knowledge of your business. Here we can apply business rules, chosen by the organization, to provide unity in the information.

We organize the data in readily available information in a data warehouse. From here on you can create reports and other analytics to gain insights in your organization. Through data discovery, you can access all layers of data to gain information you didn’t have before.

“Every company should be able to derive value from its data. That is not just a bold statement, but our mission.”

Wim Kelchtermans – Managing Partner

The information and knowledge reside within the organization and its people. Our job is to make sure the information is stored in an accessible location, that the information is correct so that the people within an organization can communicate to each other with trust, based on verified data.

Because togaether is based on data, made by people and built with trust.

In a nutshell

Reliable technologies/vendors

  • Not one size fits all, but a solution that fits your environment

Reliable people

  • Knowledge
  • Must be a fit

Trustworthy partner

  • Honest
  • Transparent
  • Win-win
  • Long term
  • Group support by Algorhythm

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