Partnerships & Collaborations

There is no better approach to solving challenges than the famous saying “two heads are better than one”.
Partnerships and collaborations allow us to increase our knowledge, expertise, and resources available to provide even better services and solutions. Putting these forces together can skyrocket your business to great heights.

Competence Centers

For us, technology is a toolset to complete the job, the real added value lies within our highly skilled and professional consultants, who have an in-depth knowledge of a specific domain. Each case is different and our goal is to define a Data Platform that 100% meets the needs of our customers, therefore we work in a technology agnostic approach. We have structured our organization in different competence centers focusing on a specific technology. This way we can ensure that our consultants become the most skilled professionals out there. 


Google cloud

AWS offers the opportunity to build the best solutions for the specific needs of a customer through the many services and the open culture to support open-source solutions as best as possible. This flexibility allows for tailor-made solutions without unnecessary weight.

Pieter-Jan Dijs – Technical Lead Amazon Web Services

GCP has a wide range of options for processing data, is at the same time technologically very advanced, and allows developers/users to use the different tools in the way they want. Going from wizards and no-low code configurations, to a very broad support of programming languages in which you can work out your process.

Bert Sallaerts – Technical Lead Google Cloud

Informatica is a pleasure to work with. The GUI interface is very easy to use and understand. It is an efficient and reliable ETL tool providing an easy drag and drop ability for the end to end data pipeline. It is a stable ETL tool with excellent monitoring and workflow logging capabilities.

Raf Carpentero – Senior Data Engineer

Easability, flexibility, for small and large, … . Azure Cloud, the fastest growing cloud environment for a reason.

Luuk Op ’t Hoog – Technical Lead Azure

ODI, not just an ELT tool but a code generator with the ability to write your own generators. The code executed at runtime on the DBMS, OS, JVM, … is logged clearly readable to facilitate debugging when necessary.

Dominik Gemoets – Senior Data Engineer

The beauty of Snowflake lies in its easy, intuitive usability, combined with a pay-as-you-go model where storage and compute are decoupled.
Whether you want quick access to your data, retrieve deleted or changed data at a point in time, or want to share certain amounts of your data, Snowflake is the perfect partner to do so.

Justine Vermonden – Technical Lead Snowflake

The responsibility of a data engineer is not only to obtain data from different sources but also to process it. One of the most popular data process engines is Apache Spark which works with Python DataFrames. Besides that, Python offers much flexibility when it comes to building scalable big data projects.

Luuk Op ’t Hoog – Data Engineer


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