Data Architecture & Tool selection

Data Architecture

We offer technologically agnostic advice when designing an architecture for modern data platforms. We have developed a technology independent reference architecture that can be grafted onto technologies such as Azure, AWS, GCP and Snowflake. This reference architecture contains all components of a modern data platform and can be seen as a box of blocks. This makes it possible to start small, based on your needs at the time, to grow with it and add components later, without having to make major changes to the foundations of this architecture.

Tool selection

We work in a technology agnostic way. At the start, we go deep into learning about your organization, uncovering any gaps within your technology, business, and processes. Afterwords, we’ll help you select some initials use cases and build up a list of future ones to determine the suited technology as the last step. Thanks to our expertise in different technologies and our connection with the different vendors, we can help you make the right choice, together with you. Next is bringing everything together into an actionable implementation plan that includes realistic timelines, costs and phases.