We understand that your needs are unique, so our solutions are custom designed to meet these needs.
We have adapted our approach accordingly. When we work in project mode with our customers, we prefer to work together: this means that we are looking for partners who are willing to travel their data journey together with us so that when our job is finished, the customer knows what has been developed instead of ending with a black-box solution.

Our approach

Project flow

Analysis Phase

Scope, objectives and action plan are discussed with the customer by our Business Analyst. All sources are defined.

Architecture Phase

Based on the analysis, we design a scalable, open, flexible, future-oriented and cost-efficient Data Architecture.

Data Modeling Phase

All necessary data is stored in an optimized data model. This model guarantees user-friendly and accessible data for all users and use cases.

Data Engineering Phase

In this phase we set up the data pipelines that ensure smooth data traffic between data sources and data user (via data lake or DWH).


We strongly believe in an Agile way of working to guarantee a successful delivery of data projects. Applying the Agile methodology allows us to:

  • work very closely with all project stakeholders
  • draw up a flexible/adaptive planning together with the advantage that adjustments can be made quickly
  • faster systematic deliveries with business value

Knowledge transfer

  • Project Documentation
  • Collaboration & Co-creation
  • On-the-job-training
  • Community Content