Unified (cloud first) Data Platform

A modern data platform is a scalable solution that gives you the information to make the right decisions and helps you to control, automate or even predict your core processes.

In short, a modern data platform let’s your data work for you. It’s a complete solution for loading, processing, stocking, analyzing and displaying data from systems, processes or infrastructures. Depending on your objectives and the applied technologies, your data platform translates data into business information. For example, use marketing data to “facilitate” a customer’s buying behavior or insights into large amounts of IoT data to contribute to a cheaper/safer production process.

The benefits of a data platform:

  • Data available in a central place, no longer in silos.
  • Source data is saved while keeping history.
  • No more manual intervention needed to collect data.
  • Better data quality.
  • Data processing in batch, as near-real-time.
  • Data remains available even if changes are made to the source system.
  • Ability to transform, mask, aggregate data before making it available to the end user.
  • Solution for unstructured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
  • 1 central location ensures a single version of the truth.
  • Faster and more flexible.

Sure, a traditional data platform still does the trick for reporting and ‘looking back’, but if you opt for the data-first principle, you want a data platform that can be used multi-purpose for analysis, innovation, change, decisions and predictions.


That is why we have been adopting a distinct cloud-first approach for several years now. Cloud data platforms offer many advantages in terms of performance, cost, scalability, flexibility and connectivity. Yet we see that there is still fear due to the fact that the data is no longer physically located in companies’ own data centers. We can give you more information about the security of these cloud data centers.